Written By Jim Hornickel

At the heart of every organization are its people. And, a manager-leader is charged with getting work done through other people. It can be very helpful to think of “managing” as this – you “manage” systems, products and services; you “lead” people.

Leading individuals for best results is a complex business at best. Human beings vary in so many ways. One way to simplify and ease the dynamics between a manager-leader and her/his team members is to study and work with information on behavioral styles.

Every human being behaves. You do and your staff members do. The bad news is that behavior styles differ. That doesn’t make relating to people any easier. The good news is that there are means to bridge the gaps for more successful relationships. And successful relationships are the foundation of every thriving business.

Some manager-leaders practice the Golden Rule – “Do unto others…or, in modern language, treat other people like you would like to be treated.” Sounds good at first look but the problem is, while it is a lovely intention, it doesn’t work very well. Most people don’t want to be treated like you. They have different needs, styles, values, tastes and preferences.
Using the Platinum Rule is when the magic between people starts truly taking place. “Treat other people like they want to be treated!” Would you appreciate it if people in your life took the time to get to know you? How you think and feel? How you like to approach life? From your needs, styles, values, tastes and preferences? You bet! And so will the people you lead if you meet them where they are.

It takes energy, time and commitment to find a good behavior style/personality traits tool (we recommend DiSC assessments – search Google), learn about varying traits and practice closing the relationship gaps between you and others. But a manager-leader’s ultimate goal is to create a positive and productive work culture. Higher morale leads to greater productivity and that, if managed well, powers stronger profitability. Getting to know your people via their behavior styles will go a long way toward achieving your business goals.

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