Building Team Success™ is now available as an Onsite Training Program or a Virtual Training Session

Building Team Success™ is an interactive training seminar that moves individual participants to powerful self-discoveries about how they work within teams. And then teams discover how they can work more effectively as a cohesive unit and with other teams. This highly interactive program uses experiential learning to help employees at all levels remove old personal barriers and uncover and develop previously hidden strengths.

Using the principles of R.E.S.P.E.C.T., team members will discover how becoming more proficient at Responsiveness, Empathy, Service, Perspectives, Self Esteem, Courage and Truth-telling will transform the way they interact. This understanding takes team relationships to new heights of efficiency and effectiveness. As individual satisfaction increases, morale improves, productivity rises and profitability is enhanced.

Why a Team and Leadership Training Program Benefits All Employees, Not Just Managers

Training for teams and team leaders focuses on developing soft skills that build a better environment in the workplace, helping everyone feel part of the team. We train the potential leaders and supporting team members of a business to make sure they’re prepared for the challenges ahead. 

The Benefits of Team Training: Why Team Training Offers Advantages Beyond Team Projects

You can help improve your workforce’s skills by working on team training. Their ability to collaborate and effectively communicate with each other will increase business productivity and morale.

The five benefits of team training programs include the following: 

  1. Improved collaboration. High-performance teams work together with complementary skill sets. They can use their experience together to do more than a single member could.
  2. Superior results. Teams that are effective consistently meet their goals and execute the right strategies to get things done. Therefore, they’re the teams likely to produce superior results.
  3. Increased innovation. When team members work together, there is a better opportunity for innovation. They can share their ideas freely and express their viewpoints. Together, they can work to solve problems, meaning that companies may see better and more innovative solutions. 
  4. Consistent high performance. Those who are a part of a consistent, high-performing team are more likely to spread the benefits of high performance to others in the company. Additionally, they may share team skills, helping other teams or team members achieve more. 
  5. Improved company culture. We know that team building can result in improved company culture. It helps promote productivity, because it encourages asking questions, embracing changes, having open discussions and developing the workforce through sound education and training. 

Our team training provides your team with the essential skills they need to collaborate more effectively. Besides boosting productivity, knowing how to work as a team can also improve your employees’ job satisfaction, engagement and happiness in the workplace. 

Workshop Benefits

  • Expands personal awareness
  • Strengthens ability to positively influence others
  • Deepens awareness of team dynamics
  • Provides tools for more effective team interactions
  • Ignites life purpose and alignment with organizational goals
  • Inspires fuller contribution to the organization
  • Develops a more positive organizational culture
  • Grows commitment to all around excellence

Who Should Attend

  • Senior Executives & Managers
  • Middle Managers & Supervisors
  • Team Leaders
  • Individual Contributors at all levels

Workshop Materials
Every participant receives a copy of the Building Team Success™ Participant Workbook.

One Day Option
This two day training workshop may be offered in a one day format with follow up coaching. Contact us for more information about this corporate training program or to discuss your organization’s unique needs.

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