Why Invest in Communication Training Courses? 

  • When your managers deliver a presentation is the audience reaction hot or cold?
  • Would you like to see your management team be more influential when they speak?
  • Do you or your team ever need to deal with difficult people and resolve conflict?

How managers communicate is more critical today than ever. In addition to managing in-office workers, many companies also have employees working remotely in different locations and even time zones. That requires managers to address different expectations while working with diverse employees. 

Managers are in a unique position to influence others inside and outside your organization. Most managers have the basic communication skills in hand but need some extra polish to make their remarks truly shine. At Management Training Institute, our team supports your management personnel in developing strong communication skills and powerful presentation skills, so they exude executive presence and demonstrate positive influence in all interactions. Effective communication skills are essential for business. But many managers feel uncomfortable giving presentations, making impromptu remarks, or conducting important discussions. At the Management Training Institute, we offer an array of communication training solutions specifically focused on the presentation & business communication needs of your management team. We also offer virtual training programs to help teams who are working remotely.

Better Communication Skills Benefit You and Your Team, Too 

Managers and executives are responsible for delivering company information through engaging presentations. When public speaking needs arise, managers with effective presentation skills speak with confidence, maintain eye contact, and use appropriate body language to deliver impactful messages. 

In addition, effective managers understand the importance of keeping communication channels open and developing better listening skills so the dialogue goes both ways. They proactively address employee issues and concerns and can adapt their communication style accordingly. 

Dealing with Obstacles in Communication

Presentation and communications training help managers with a variety of issues, from easing public speaking nervousness to understanding the role of body language in how messages are received. People with poor communication skills often avoid eye contact and demonstrate closed-body language with crossed arms, for example. 

Our training can help you not only deliver more effective presentations but can also help you develop better interpersonal skills such as active listening. You’ll learn the importance of emotional intelligence and effective communication – skills that you’ll use with not only employees but also clients, friends and family.

Training Delivery Methods

We offer onsite communication training around the globe, virtual training delivered to business locations or home offices, and an online option that includes a Certificate of Completion. Our courses focus on communication and management topics like leadership styles, conflict resolution, and working with difficult people. 

With our in-depth communication courses tailored to executives and managers at every level of an organization, plus our wide range of delivery options, we’re confident our experienced facilitators and management training will exceed expectations. 

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