Scholarship 2023

Management Training Institute, (and its parent company Bold New Directions a leader in management training solutions in North America), is delighted to offer a 2023 scholarship program aimed at students whose area of study focuses on management and leadership development. We are committed to growing management and leadership skills amongst students and professionals alike and take special interest in students who will take their management and leadership skills to a wide variety of industries.

Award Criteria:

  • 1 individual scholarship will be awarded.
  • Individual scholarship award amount of $1000 per winner
  • Award amount will be made out to the winner’s school in the form of a check and mailed to the winner’s personal address.


Entry Requirements:

Submit a brief essay of between 400 and 500 words, detailing why a career in management or leadership is your college major of choice. A personalized tone, referencing sincere firsthand experience and sentiment, is preferred. We want to know why you truly believe that leadership development and management development are of value to you and the broader community, and how it will serve as the best career path for you.

Application Requirements:

Complete all required sections of our application form below. Be sure to attach the following documents to your application form:

  • Copy of your most recent transcripts.
  • Verification of enrollment at your college.
  • Your Essay.


Eligibility Requirements:

U.S. Citizen 

Enrolled as full time student of accredited college/university within the United States for completion of undergraduate degree in Management or Leadership field with proof of enrollment.

Limit of one (1) entry per contestant.

Employees, professional affiliates, and agents of Bold New Directions (and their immediate families) are not eligible.

The applicant must comply with IRS rules to qualify for the tax-free benefits of the scholarship, including following.

  • It does not exceed your expenses;
  • It is not designated or earmarked for other purposes (such as room and board), and does not require (by its terms) that it cannot be used for qualified education expense. 

It does not represent payment for teaching, research, or other services required as a condition for receiving the scholarship.

You must be a Candidate for a Degree. You are a Candidate for a Degree if you:

  • Are pursuing a degree at a college or university, or

Attend an educational institution that:

  • Provides a program that is acceptable for full credit toward a bachelor’s or higher degree

Is authorized under federal or state law to provide such a program and is accredited by a nationally recognized accreditation agency

  • Eligible educational institution. An eligible educational institution is one whose primary function is the presentation of formal instruction and that normally maintains a regular faculty and curriculum and normally has a regularly enrolled body of students in attendance at the place where it carries on its educational activities. 
  • Qualified education expenses. For purposes of tax-free scholarships and fellowship grants, these are expenses for:
    • Tuition and fees required to enroll at or attend an eligible educational institution; and Course-related expenses, such as fees, books, supplies, and equipment that are required for the courses at the eligible educational institution. These items must be required of all students in your course of instruction.

Qualified education expenses do not include the cost of:

  • Room and board, Travel, Research, Clerical help, or Equipment and other expenses that are not required for enrollment in or attendance at an eligible educational institution

Notification of Winner by December 20, 2023

The Winner will be notified via email, or on our official Scholarship homepage at

Recipients must comply with IRS rules to qualify for the tax benefits of the scholarship

DISCLAIMER: Bold New Directions, and its divisions, will not re-use, forward, or share the personal information of applicants in any way—all information submitted through the form available on this page or any alternative forms of entry are to be kept strictly confidential and used solely for the purpose of determining a winner.

Management And Leadership Scholarship Competition 2023

Please complete all of the information below, along with all attachments requested. All Applications that are incomplete will be disqualified. See content rules for complete details and requirements.

All applications must be complete and submitted by the deadline November 1, 2022. Please email two copies of the Application to Bold New Directions Inc., [email protected]

Application Form

Your Name:
Address (Check will be mailed to listed address if you win):
Email Address:
Personal Information
Date of Birth:
Citizenship (Contest only open to U.S. Citizens)
School Information
College (Must be an accredited 4-year degree institution located in USA):
Enrolled Status (Freshman, Sophomore, etc):
Current/Intended Major:

Please Attach the Following Documents Note: All documents must be attached to this application form. If a document is left off the application will be recognized as incomplete and will not be considered.

  • Current Transcript (A minimum GPA 2.5 required for consideration)
  • Verification of Enrollment (Letter from school verifying enrollment
  • Essay
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