3 Free Online Visual Tools to Try

If you are preparing to give a presentation, you are probably wondering how you can capture the attention of your audience.  If you want to keep your audience from nodding off during your slideshow, you should consider adding visual content to your presentation. Visual aids enhance your presentation by engaging the audience, adding emphasis to the information, and reinforcing key points.  But don’t worry! You don’t have to pay for monthly subscriptions in order to incorporate visual content.  There are plenty of free online visuals that can enhance your presentation.

Haiku Deck

Oftentimes presenters lose their audience because their slides are overly dense and complicated.  Haiku Deck solves this problem by offering presentation software that allows users to create slides that are simple, modern, and elegant.   Haiku Deck is easy to use and incorporates plenty of imagery and graphics into each slide.  Haiku Deck is completely free and your account gives users access to over 35 million images and 6 presentation themes to choose from.  You can also upload you own images and incorporate them into your presentation as well.  Furthermore, Haiku Deck also offers charts and graph building tools so you can easily display data.  Haiku Deck has everything you need to easily create a visually stimulating presentation right at your fingertips.


If you are looking for an alternative to the traditional powerpoint, Prezi is just what you need.  This free online presentation tool allows users to create dynamic, fluid, non-linear presentations with great animations and motion effects.  You can generate a powerful energy with your audience by presenting your information in a way that is fun, unique, and memorable.  Prezi allows you to make use of graphs, charts, images, and multi-media in order to create a truly original presentation that is both captivating and informative.  You can also collaborate on the presentation if you are working with someone else to present.  This highly popular tool is a great option for adding visual content to your next presentation.

Google Slides

Many other online visual tools try to depart from the traditional PowerPoint style while Google Slides embraces it- and that’s not always a bad thing.   Many people are already familiar with tools like PowerPoint so they will find Google Slides to be very user friendly.  While it does offer a familiar approach, it has certainly come a long way since it was introduced.  With this free tool, users can create a professional looking presentation that also surprises audiences with dynamic transitions, bold images, a variety of presentation themes, and other tools that make it fun and refreshing.  It is also easy for users to upload their own images, graphs, charts, and videos.  One of its best features is the ability to store everything on the web, in Google Drive, so you can get to it from any computer or device or send it to anyone.

There is nothing as boring as a bad presentation.  Liven yours up by trying out one of these free online visual tools.  A presentation with engaging visuals is more effective at capturing the attention of the audience, and with the right free software, it has never been easier.