Empowering Female Employees and Enabling Them to Succeed

It’s no longer a secret that woman can be very powerful in the workplace.  From boosting productivity and driving profits to encouraging innovation, the benefits of women in the workplace have been well documented.  Therefore, it is important to examine your company’s policies to ensure that women are being empowered in the workplace.  Whether it is proper training, setting clear goals, or putting initiatives in place for females to succeed, it is important that every company take a good look to see if they are empowering the women who work for them.

Organizations Need to Advocate for Women

Empowering women to succeed professionally begins when an organization recognizes female talent and actively works to create opportunities for women to grow and advance.  Leaders need to support women as they work toward ongoing development.  They can do this by offering learning and educational opportunities for women in order to further their skills.  In addition, women need to be considered for hiring, promotions, and successions just as men would.  Organizations also need to address pay equity issues and offer flexible work schedules to accommodate family responsibilities.

Hire Women in Upper Management

Oftentimes when we think about the vice presidents, directors, and managers at companies, we think of them as being male.  That’s because the reality is that most upper management roles are indeed performed by men.  However, it is essential that women also be given the opportunity to hold such leadership roles.  Not only does hiring women in management put their talents to good use, but it is important for showing other women that they matter and can set their own goals. The reality is that companies who have high-level female execs can be just as profitable as those run by men.

Zero-Tolerance for Bias

No one feels supported when they are constantly being berated, scoffed at, or ignored.  That’s why it is imperative that your company put a zero-tolerance policy in place for sexism.  Empowerment starts with feeling supported, so women in your workplace need to feel supported, protected, and valued.  That means squashing jokes right from the start, listening to women’s ideas, and giving women opportunities to take the lead on tasks and projects.  

Teach Them

Knowledge is power so one of the best ways to empower women is to arm them with knowledge.  Companies should pursue continued education opportunities for women, help them get relevant certifications, and teach them to stay on top of market trends.  Not only is investing in women’s knowledge beneficial for the company, but it lets women know that you see them just as competent as men.