How to Attract and Keep the Best Employees

Every manager wants to attract the best talent because they know that translates into profits and success. However, with hundreds of applicants vying for the same job, how can you sort through them all to be sure you find the best talent? Better yet, once you have hired great employees, how can you convince them to stay? This is one of the greatest challenges for many businesses and can end up costing them substantial amounts of money. The fact is, employees who are happy and satisfied in their job are more likely to work hard and less likely to leave. Here are a few tips to help your organization recruit and retain good employees and managers. 


Pay Well

Employees understand that not all jobs are created equal and they don’t expect to be paid the same as the CEO. That said, employees want to feel fairly compensated for their work. If your company is unable to pay higher salaries, you can always incentivize employees with added perks and benefits such as flex scheduling or extra vacation time. 


Provide Recognition

A pat on the back goes a long way in making employees feel valued and employees who feel valued are more likely to stick around. It’s important to note that everyone plays a part in the success of the company no matter how big or small the contribution, so make it a point to recognize great employees and thank them for their hard work and dedication. A simple note of gratitude, an email, or even a small award can mean more than you know. 


Communicate Often

Take time to talk to your employees regularly and foster a relationship built around good communication. Understand their goals and ambitions and find out what they need to make their job easier. Help them with any roadblocks and listen to their ideas and feedback. Employees like to feel like their opinion matters, so treat them like an essential part of the team. Likewise, be sure and provide them with adequate feedback so they know how they can improve. Don’t wait until the annual review to discuss how they are doing. Helpful feedback along the way will motivate them to work harder. 


Offer Opportunities for Growth

Once you have attracted the best talent, it can be a challenge not to let them get lured away. One thing that always seems to do the trick is providing opportunities for growth. Many employees have their eye on climbing that corporate ladder so if they see opportunities for growth and advancement they are more likely to stick around. Always look for new ways to challenge employees and provide them with new chances to learn and improve their skills. They want to know you are invested in them and their future. 


Give Bonuses and Rewards

Bonuses and rewards are always a great way to sweeten the deal. Employees want to feel like they are valued for their work and bonuses and rewards will certainly do that. Aside from monetary bonuses, you can offer a number of rewards such as gift certificates, extra time off, or even gym memberships. 


Create A Positive Work Culture

Happy employees get along with others, enjoy coming to work, and aren’t scouting for new jobs. Create a positive work environment where supervisors are supportive, stress levels are manageable, and work is fun from time to time. Incorporate potlucks, dress-up days, friendly competition, and other activities that might make coming to work enjoyable. When employees feel happy coming to work, they are willing to work for less money and are even motivated to work harder.