How To Manage Your Team By Walking Around

In today’s modern business world where technology is at the forefront emails, texts, voicemails, and webinars can sometimes be the primary means of communication. While technology definitely has its time and its place, there is still no replacement for face to face interactions with employees. This can be an effective tool for managers who are looking to boost rapport and productivity among their employees. This practice of Management by Walking Around, also known as MBWA, has many advantages that can be beneficial for businesses. MBWA allows team leaders and executives to be more visible, connect with their employees, and share ideas and suggestions for improvement. It gives managers a more up-close and personal experience with their team while making the employees feel more engaged. Here are a few tips for successfully implementing MBWA in your workplace.

Make MBWA Part Of Your Routine
This practice is most effective when implemented every day. This can be done through unscheduled drop-ins where you can see what is going on when your employees were not prepared for you. It can also be accomplished through informal chats where you simply make your presence known. You should not, however, appear threatening or critical. Rather, you want your employees to know that you have a genuine interest in what they are doing each day.

Focus On Individual Connections
MBWA works best when you engage with employees one-on-one. Bringing an entourage can make your team feel uncomfortable or self-conscious. Individual sit-ins are also more personal and allow you and your employees to connect.

Make Sure You Visit Everyone Equally
Try to spend the same amount of time with everyone. Spending more time with one person than another is likely to stir a negative buzz in the office. Employees might also feel as though they are being “spied” on if you are focusing more attention on them. Conversely, other team members can perceive the situation as favoritism if you spend too much time with one employee.

Show Positive Recognition And Praise Staff
As you are walking around, be sure and make note of those who are doing a great job. Always give credit where credit is due. This will encourage your team to work harder when they know their efforts are being recognized. Likewise, ask your employees for suggestion and ideas. They will feel empowered and more motivated to be successful.

Don’t make your employees feel like you don’t have time for them. Instead, show them that you are there for them by taking the time to speak to them face to face on a regular basis. MBWA is an effective management tool that will give managers a better perspective of what is going on in the workplace while making employees feel as though management truly cares about what they are doing. There are real benefits to this business strategy and a good manager is one who makes themselves visible.