How Transparency in Planning Makes Your Organization Better

In order to build a strong and productive business you must first have a workforce that is happy, engaged, and committed to the organization. How can this be achieved? It comes through honesty with employees, a willingness to answer their questions, and an effort to keep them informed with happenings within the organization. In short, it requires transparency. Without transparency, employees lack direction, engagement, and emotional commitment. Now, more than ever, it is important to establish and maintain a transparent work culture where employees are well-informed and engaged. Here are just a few of the benefits of establishing a transparent working environment.


It Builds Trust

It will be nearly impossible to get your employees to emotionally commit to your organization without trust. Unfortunately, an alarming number of employees don’t trust their employers and feel that their employers are not open enough with them. When employers share information with their employees, they understand what is going on and why. They have a clearer picture of what is expected of them and as a result they are more engaged in their job. Therefore, it is up to the leadership to take responsibility for building a transparent organization.


It Fosters Teamwork

Oftentimes, employees in one department aren’t aware of how their fellow employees in another department are contributing to the organization. This lack of transparency can lead to unfair judgements and can prevent employees from collaborating with one another. The reality is, a project is rarely completed by just one person so your organization can see better results when they create an environment that fosters teamwork. When everyone within the organization is aware of what is going on, they can offer ideas and participate more enthusiastically.


It Improves Productivity

All too often employees feel like their employers are not providing them with all the tools and information necessary to be successful. As a result, they might not give 100% when they feel they lack support. In order to get the most out of the employees and ultimately boost productivity for the entire organization, management needs to focus on sharing any and all information that might be useful. This includes any challenges or unforeseen hurdles. When an organization is transparent about what is really going on within the organization, every employee understands that their participation and cooperation could make or break the success of the organization.


It Helps Employees Develop Better Relationships

Strong professional relationships are founded on trust which is built through transparency. When employees build strong relationships with their coworkers, they are happier and more engaged in their job. This is what creates a positive work environment where employees are eager to go to work and be productive in their roles.


Transparency is a key component for employee engagement. Without transparency, employees lack direction, feel disengaged, and certainly don’t make an emotional commitment. It will be challenging to boost productivity and maintain a strong workforce without fostering a transparent work culture. For organizations that encourage transparency, they will see more enthusiastic and engaged employees which in turn leads to a more successful business.