What Makes an Effective Manager?

We have all seen fabulous managers-the ones who have an infectious love for the company, who truly care about their employees, and who have the ability to make informed decisions with knowledge and empathy.  However, it oftentimes feel like these managers are far and few between.  It can seem next to impossible to find someone who possesses all of the qualities of a good manager.  While it is true that not everyone is a born leader, being aware of the following qualities and working hard in these areas is a fundamental step toward become an effective manager.

They’re Passionate About the Company

One thing that sets great managers apart from the rest is their passion for the organization.  They become invested in the company culture and are constantly talking about ways they can make the company better.  They have a positive attitude about the company and this positivity is contagious.  When managers are passionate about their job, it is likely to carry over to their employees as well.  Their passion and drive for the company has a positive effect on everyone around them.

They Understand the Value of Their Employees

Effective managers know that their employees are their most valuable asset.  Therefore, it is crucial that they show their appreciation for a job well done.  They understand that when they express gratitude to their employees, they are creating a more positive work environment and a better performing staff.

They Are Good Communicators

It is important for employees to understand what is expected of them.  Effective managers know how to communicate clearly with their employees to ensure their roles are well defined.  Likewise, they know how to provide constructive feedback in a way that will motivate employees.  They also make themselves available to answer questions or help their employees in any areas where they might be struggling.

They Know How to Listen

As a manager, it is important to listen to your employees and what they have to say.  Effective managers value the opinions of their employees and support them.  When employees feel like their voices are heard, they are more likely to work harder and be more motivated than if they feel like no one ever listens to them.

They Genuinely Care About Their Employees

The best managers are those who see their employees as who they are, rather than a means for increasing productivity.  Sure, every manager is out to succeed but effective managers understand how to balance personal and professional relationships with their employees.  This means celebrating with them, empathizing with them, and being flexible when necessary.  People want to work for managers who care about them.

They Can Make Decisions

As a manger, your team will be looking to you for direction.  If you are going to lead, it is imperative that you can be decisive.  Otherwise, your staff might find themselves confused about what to do next.  There will also come a time for managers when difficult decisions have to be made.  Effective managers don’t crack under the pressure, but rather make an informed decision that will be beneficial for the company as a whole.

They Resolve Conflicts

It is inevitable that there will come a time when every manager has to step in and be a mediator.  For the sake of the team, effective managers understand that conflicts need to be resolved quickly and effectively before they end up getting out of control.

They Trust Their Employees to Achieve

Good manager know how to break down tasks and divvy them up according the strengths of team members.  Once they have delegated this work, they trust that their employees can handle the assignment.   An effective manager does not micromanage, but rather takes a step back and allows their team members to succeed.