PMI® Project Management Online Module  – Executing the Project

This module explains how to manage the stakeholders, conduct quality assurance, manage communication and conduct procurement. This course has been fully accredited by the Project Management Institute (PMI).


What Are the Benefits of this Module?

Fostering appropriate stakeholder engagement in project activities throughout the project life cycle, maximizing the effectiveness of communication with them and addressing needs and issues as they arise can sometimes lead to avoiding insurmountable issues and objections to a project. Add to this the importance of monitoring the quality of supplies and outputs, the more general communication plan and effectively conducting procurement and this module becomes invaluable.


What are the Learning Outcomes?

This module covers part 2 of the Executing Process Group. It addresses how to manage the project’s stakeholders and assure the project complies with the standards specified in the Quality Management Plan, and how to communicate with the stakeholders to ensure their buy in. The module also addresses how to procure external services for the project including supplier selection and contract award.

It does the above by explaining:

  • Project Stakeholder Management – Manage the Stakeholder Engagement Process.
  • Project Quality Management – Perform the Quality Assurance Process.
  • Project Communication Management – Manage the Communications Process.
  • Project Procurement Management – Conduct the Procurement Process.


What Content is Covered?

The following content is covered within this course:

  • Managing Stakeholder Engagement.
  • Performing Quality Assurance.
  • Managing Communications.
  • Conduct Procurement.


Who Should Attend?

This series of short courses designed to up-skill or refresh knowledge in specific Project Management subjects. Each short course earns seven Project Management Institute (PMI) PDU points. Whether you are looking to update your knowledge and skills or to increase your competence in a wider context, this program gives great professional benefit.

Gottfredson and Mosher (2012) identified 5 moments of learning need:

  1. Learning for the first time.
  2. Learning more.
  3. Remembering and applying learning.
  4. Learning when things change.
  5. Learning when things go wrong.

These short courses provide a perfect way of enabling you or your teams to access bite-sized chunks of information that is applicable in each of the 5 moments of learning need.


What are the Course Delivery Options?



Is this accredited by the Project Management Institute?

Yes – fully.

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