Setting Goals To Encourage Employees To Attend Training

The fact is, when most people hear the words “training seminar” they probably want to run in the opposite direction.  The idea of sitting for hours listening to a guest speaker is not most people’s idea of an exciting day.  That said ongoing training is critical for the growth and advancement of any business so it is vitally important for employees to attend training sessions.  Training is the best way for employees to get better at their job and increase their chances for promotion, so managers need to get creative about motivating their employees to want to attend training.  The following ideas will help encourage employees to attend more training and get the most out of each session.

Make It Worth Their While

When choosing a training program, you should consider what you are going to present, how you are going to present it, and how relevant the material is that you are presenting.  Interactive, experiental and relevant training is best. You want to make sure you offer information that is useful and can be put into action immediately.  It is highly effective to offer interactive training that directly relates to each employee.  For example, a salesperson should receive skills-based training on negotiating while a manager should receive skills-based training about how to coach their team.

Connect Training To Career Advancement

Employees are much more likely to be motivated to attend training courses if they know there will be a chance for promotion or advancement.  It gives them a goal that they can be working toward as they develop and strengthen their skills.

Allow For Flexibility

One of the biggest obstacles a company faces when encouraging their employees to attend training is time.  If an employee feels overwhelmed about an immediate project deadline, they are likely to have a negative attitude about having to give up a day’s time to attend training.  This would feel as if it is only put them further behind.  Instead, offer a training course that is available a few times per year so your employees can complete the training session when it best suits their schedule.

Offer Immediate Rewards

While it is certainly beneficial for employees to have the opportunity for advancement in the future, it is helpful to offer some immediate rewards for those who take part in training courses.  This can be a cash prize for the first few employees to complete the training course or a gift card for the person who scores the highest on a training test.  Even offering an onsite luncheon during the training session can be attractive in many workplaces.

Let It Be Their Choice

Encourage employees to take charge of their own career path by attending training sessions on their own.  Rather than the traditional method of forcing employees to attend training, allowing them to use personal choice can be a powerful motivator.  You can help them achieve their goals on their own time and at their own pace.  The idea of letting it be their choice is far more effective and will hold them accountable for their own advancement.

There is no question that there are countless benefits to ongoing employee training.  However, making training a mandatory task doesn’t always work.  Rather, offering rewards, opportunities for advancement, flexibility, and relative information will motivate employees to attend training courses.  These tips will ensure that employees are attending training courses for the right reasons and taking the necessary steps toward their own career development.