Team Building Doesn’t Have to be Corny

A team that works well together is happier, more productive, and more successful.  In addition, when employees enjoy the people they work with, they tend to have higher job satisfaction and are more motivated to work hard. However, planning a team building activity at work is not always easy, especially when the idea tends to induce eye rolls right off the bat. It’s important to remember that team building activities don’t have to consist of corny games. With a little planning and preparation, you can plan a team building activity this is fun and productive.


Consider Your Employees Feelings

If you want to have a successful team building event, it’s important to keep your employees’ interests in mind. Some employees might have a condition that prevents them from participating in the activity. Your team may hate the place that you have chosen for the activity. Instead of just planning an event, talk to your employees and ask for ideas and suggestions. Finding out what they want and don’t want will help you to plan an event that is enjoyable for everyone.


Do Something Different

Team building works best when it’s something different from a typical work day. Playing a few games and catering lunch in the office is not new and exciting. Having a company picnic year after year gets boring. Instead, think outside the box and do something different. Choose an offsite location and an activity that is fun so employees know they can relax and let loose a little.


Skip the Team Building Games

While there are plenty of great team building games, this type of activity is expected from employees and is probably the exact type of activity that induced the eye rolls.  There are lots of ways to have fun and encourage teamwork without playing corny games. Try something new and exciting. One idea is to take your team to an escape room. This is a great team building activity and it’s fun and unique. Another idea is to take your team to an indoor go-kart track and let them make fun memories while enjoying some friendly competition. You could also take your team to an arcade and let them spend the day playing games and having fun. Sporting events, boat and ferry tours, city-wide scavenger hunts, and laser tag are just a few team building ideas that your team will actually be excited about!


Include a Few Prizes

One of the best ways to get your team excited about a little friendly competition is by offering some kind of prize, even if it’s small. A box of candy, gift cards, coffee mugs, or even extra time for a lunch break would serve as sufficient prizes. Incentives are always fun and are a simple way to turn your cheesy team building activity into something more fun.