Why Asking Your Employees How to Do Things Could Yield Better Results

If managers want their employees to boost their productivity and performance, they must first listen to their employees and ask for their input. Studies have shown that the number one reason employees don’t take more initiative at work is because their leaders fail to get their input before making decisions. The bottom line is that people want to be heard and they want to feel valued. When decisions are made and orders are given without getting input from the people actually doing the job, it tends to rub employees the wrong way. Having a company culture where people are encouraged to share their ideas can yield better results for the company. After all, managers hire these employees because they saw enough talent to entrust them to do the job. Why, then, do so many managers fail to ask employees for suggestions on how to do things? The employees are the ones facing the daily grind of performing the job so managers should seek their input in order to boost productivity for the company. This approach is great for businesses for a variety of reasons. 


It Increases Awareness

Some managers feel their job is simply to act as the commander in chief, delegating tasks and duties to their employees. They know what they want and they feel like their way is the only way. Unfortunately, this does not set the stage for positive employee engagement. Rather, employees resent a manager that dictates and never asks for input. It’s important for managers to remember that their employees are the ones actually doing the job, so it can certainly be helpful to ask them for advice. Asking employees for input is the first step in increasing manager awareness. Once managers are aware of the needs of their employees, they can make decisions that will ultimately lead to better results. 


It Will Make Things Run Smoother

While it is the manager’s job to make sure everyone on the team is performing, it is the employees themselves that are actually doing the daily tasks. Therefore, managers should take their input into consideration before making decisions. The employees have greater knowledge than the manager of the inner workings of the department and therefore can offer suggestions to help things run more smoothly. 


It Creates Ownership

It’s easy for employees to find fault with managerial orders when they aren’t involved in the decision-making process. Instead, managers should ask employees for input and gather information about how they think things should be done. This makes employees feel more responsible for the outcome of their performance. They are more likely to yield better results when they feel a sense of responsibility. 


It Increases Engagement

Employees that are engaged in their jobs are more likely to perform, and one way to boost employee engagement is by asking for feedback. Every manager knows how important employee engagement and retention are to the success of the company. If managers want to make their employees feel valued and empowered, it starts by asking for input and feedback.