4 Unique Team Building Activities

A team that works well together is more productive, more successful, and happier in the workplace.  However, team building activities at work can be tricky, especially when they tend to induce more eye rolls than high fives.  Despite the efforts of managers, team building events oftentimes come across as a bit hokie and don’t get the credit they deserve.  Instead, give your team an experience that will bring them together and bring a little something different to a typical workday.  The following are unique team building ideas that will help your employees work together and end up walking away with a smile.

1. Escape Room

For: Creative Problem Solving & Collaboration Exercise

It might sound strange at first: You are going to lock your team in a room and give them 1 hour to escape, but this is actually a great activity for improving morale and teamwork within your organization.  Escape rooms are a great way to build problem-solving skills.  Your team has to work together to solve clues that will help them escape in time.  It is great for encouraging collaborative work, as it truly takes the efforts of every person to solve the clues.  It is also a great way to develop creativity.  There’s no better way to encourage your team to think outside the box.  Finally, it is a great way to motivate employees.  It is a fun, fast-paced activity that will keep your employees on their toes and teach them to be leaders all at the same time!

2. Community Service Project

For: Team Bonding

Being able to work together as a team is crucial for success in the workplace, but volunteering together takes teamwork to a whole new level.  There have probably been opportunities to bond with coworkers over lunch or dinner parties, but have you ever bonded while working toward a common goal?  Volunteering as a team allows members of your group to work together in a way they may have never expected. Not only does a community service project make for a memorable experience, but it allows employees to help others and give back to their community.  This is a perfect way for your company to be a positive influence in the community, all while helping your team learn how they can truly make a difference when they work together.

3. Take an Employee to Work Day

For: Cross-Training, Develop Appreciation for Colleagues

A unique take on traditional team building could be to schedule a day where employees will visit another department and shadow a colleague.  Employees are often curious about what goes on in other departments, so satisfy their interest and introduce them to new employees all at the same time.  This opportunity allows employees to participate in team building that enhances cross-department cooperation and understanding.  They will likely develop a new appreciation for what other employees face each day and develop a better awareness of how their department serves the company as a whole.  Throughout the day, they might also discover some new ideas or techniques that they can take back to their own job.  This is a great way to build a more cohesive team because when employees understand each other they are able to serve each other better.

4. Company Sponsored Sporting Event

For: Team Bonding

There are several ways to incorporate sporting events into your team building activities.  Some companies sponsor sports teams for employees such as softball, soccer, bowling, etc.  This encourages camaraderie among employees and allows them to spend time together outside of the office.   Companies could also create a team that will compete in a 5k race, half marathon, or walking event.  Many of these events support charities so it is a great way to support various employee causes.  Sporting events are on-going team building experiences that encourage healthier, happier employees.