5 Leadership Skills to Best Manage a Crisis

Managers have a load of responsibilities and they are constantly dealing with different situations but one thing is certain: every manager will encounter a crisis at some point in their career and they need to be equipped with the skills necessary to handle it.  This can present itself in a number of ways.  Perhaps the deadline for the company’s annual report is tomorrow and it is still not complete when the entire office suffers technical difficulties.  Maybe you are preparing for the grand opening of a new branch and all of the printed mailings have been sent out only to leave off the address of the new location. It’s possible that the biggest deal of your career is about to close when suddenly the client notices a glitch in the contract and retracts their agreement.  No matter the situation, crises are a part of life and it is important that managers have the following leadership skills to properly deal with the situation.


This is perhaps the most important skill needed when dealing with crisis management.  Managers need to be able to communicate clearly, concisely, and in a timely manner during times of crisis. They need to be able to remain calm and focus on relaying pertinent information as quickly as possible.  Managers are much more likely to experience a better outcome when they have the ability to communicate effectively with their employees.


We all love when things go exactly as planned but what happens when the unthinkable happens and our perfect plan turns into a disaster?  Great managers know how to adapt to different situations in the event of a crisis. They understand how to approach problems from a different perspective and they are willing to seek advice from other team members.  They know that critical moments require the help of a diverse team.

Self -Control

When a crisis hits, there is no time for a manager who is frantic and disorganized.  Without self-control, it is easy for a manager to fall into the grip of panic and be at the mercy of their feelings. A manager who can exhibit strong self-control even in the midst of crisis is much more capable of making rational decisions, communicating clearly, and working to effectively solve the problem.

Relationship Management

In times of crisis, it is essential for the manager to manage many relationships with many different people.   They understand how to do this is a friendly yet assertive manner.   They have the ability to inspire those around them, give clear directions, and foster teamwork amid a crisis.  Rather than losing patience and barking orders at those around them, a manager who possesses strong relationship management skills knows how to move people in the right direction while maintaining self-control.


When crisis strikes it is time for managers to think outside the box and move to Plan B.  A manager who is a creative thinker embraces this challenge and utilizes the unique talents of those around him to develop a quick solution.  They are able to encourage different perspectives and can use their knowledge to devise a creative solution to the problem.

Crises in the workplace can emerge in many different forms and often strike without warning.  Therefore, it takes a manager who is well-composed and can think quickly on their feet to foster teamwork and bring about creative solutions to these problems.