5 Things Employers Look for in a Manager

When a company is looking to hire a new manager they are seeking someone who is well-rounded and professional.   While businesses vary in nature, there are a lot of commonalities when it comes to their expectations in hiring a manager.  Employers tend to look for the following qualities in potential managers: good communication skills, organization, knowledge of the company, likability, and strong leadership skills.

Communication Skills

A good manager needs to be able to communicate well with their staff.  Employers look for a candidate who has strong written and verbal skills.  The applicant’s resume is their first impression of their written skills, so it is vital to have a strong and well-written resume.  During the interview process, employers will look to see how well the candidate expresses themselves and explains their answers.  The ability to communicate well is a must for any managerial position.


Employers are looking for candidates who possess strong organizational skills.  Applicants should be able to explain how they keep track of their daily activities in order to show that they can be effective when it comes to managing multiple people and various tasks.  Organization is an important quality for managers because it is necessary in order to be efficient and effective.

Knowledge of the Company

A good manager doesn’t necessarily have to be an expert in their field, but they do need to be knowledgeable about the business.  This makes them more suitable to handle various issues in their department and it enables them to be a better mentor for their team members.  An understanding of the company makes for a better leader and more proficient manager.


Employers want managers who are warm, friendly, and outgoing.  People who are easy going and cooperative tend to get along well with others and can encourage their team members to work together cohesively.  Since teamwork is the key to business success, employers want managers who are likable and easy to work with, but who also bring strong skills in communication, leadership and delegation.

Leadership  Skills

A strong leader shows that they are determined and willing to work hard even in the face of adversity.  They can lead a team to success by offering adequate support but they also remain calm and collected during difficult situations.  They know how to perform in order to get the job done right and they are not afraid to take charge, volunteer for assignments, and accept accountability for achieving results.  A good leader is hard working, well-respected, and supportive of their team.  A good manager must have strong leadership skills.

These 5 qualities make up a winning combination for managers.   Employers are looking for managers who can be good leaders who achieve successful results.  Management positions are critical in business so it is important for employers to find candidates who possess these qualities.