Management Tip: How to Get More Out of Your Team

In order to achieve significant progress in the workplace it is important for managers to understand how to create a positive work culture.  Employees who are highly motivated at work are more likely to accomplish work goals, thus increasing productivity.  The fact is management directly affects employee motivation.  There are certain actions that every manager should take in order to get the most out of their team.

Make Sure Tasks and Responsibilities are Clearly Defined

There is nothing more frustrating for an employee than being given a task without knowing what they are expected to do.  Employees don’t want to keep bothering their managers with questions about what to do.  Instead, managers should make sure that projects and tasks are clearly defined so that each team member knows exactly what they are expected to do.  Employees will appreciate the clarity and they will be much more productive when they are knowledgeable about what to do.

Encourage Open Communication

A positive work culture is created when employees receive frequent communication from their managers.  Managers should provide team members with feedback on a regular basis.  Employees want to know how they are doing and they will appreciate a pat on the back or some helpful advice.  Managers should also encourage communication by asking team members for their input.  Employees are much more motivated when they feel like they are important rather than micromanaged.

Challenge Your Team

Employees are motivated when they feel valued and trusted by their manager.  You can show your team that you trust them by giving them important challenges.  This gives them the opportunity to demonstrate and achieve their full potential.  Challenge them to step outside their comfort zone in order to build their confidence.

Take Note of Their Strengths

Each member of your team is going to have their own unique strengths that they bring to the table.  Pay attention to these strengths and apply them in the workplace.  For example, you might have one employee who loves to assist others with projects.  You might ask her to lead a customer workshop.  You might have another employee who is bilingual so you might ask them to handle some international business.  Find out what strengths your employees have and use those to help them grow professionally.

Give Up Some Control

It can seem terrifying for a manger to let go of the wheel and relinquish some of their control but it can be a highly beneficial leadership strategy.  Managers often feel compelled to watch their employee’s every move but this can actually impede on their professional growth.  When you take a step back and give your team some space, they will feel trusted and empowered.  You are creating an environment where your team can work independently and you might be surprised to see how much they actually achieve.

Managers have a significant impact on the success of their team.  When they trust their employees and make them feel valued, they are fostering a work environment where each member of the team can be successful.  When employees feel empowered and confident, they are more likely to accomplish tasks and achieve their goals.