These 5 Things Will Make You a Better Manager

Managers play a very significant role in today’s business world.  Their actions and attitudes can either be great motivators for their employees or they can lead to decreased engagement and higher turnover rates.  The number one reason people leave their jobs is because of their manager.  Research has shown that managers who have a positive relationship with their employees have greater productivity and their team members have greater job satisfaction.  The way you manage has a major impact on the success of your department, so mastering good managerial skills is crucial.  Here are 5 things you can do to become a better manager.

  1. Become a Motivator

It is important for managers to create a work environment that fosters employee motivation and engagement.  Employees should be encouraged to share their ideas, questions, and requests for support openly with their managers.  They should also feel appreciated and acknowledged for the work they do.  Simple things like an email, a written note of thanks, a pat on the back, or public acknowledgment during a meeting can go a long way in making employees feel valued.  When employees are motivated, they are more satisfied in their job and will produce better results.

  1. Regular Communication

Employees find interaction and communication with their managers to be beneficial and motivating.  Managers should make it a point to hold regular staff meetings where employees can talk openly and honestly.  They should also walk around the department periodically to demonstrate an interest in employee work.  It is equally as important to provide regular feedback so employees know how they are doing and in what areas they need to improve.

  1. Take a Genuine Interest in Employees

Many managers are so results driven that they don’t have a healthy professional/personal relationship with their team.  Employees want to feel like their managers care about them as people, and not just how much business they are going to close.  Congratulate staff on life events such as a new baby, new house, or getting married.  Inquire about their vacation or express sympathy during difficult times.  When managers care enough to acknowledge these important events, employees are more likely to feel satisfied in their job.

  1. Provide Professional Development Opportunities

Employees want to continue to develop their knowledge and skills.  They do not want to go to work each day to a monotonous job that offers no growth opportunity.  Managers can do this by allowing staff members to attend important meetings. This can be a great learning experience and will make employees feel important.  Provide additional opportunities for employees to attend professional development workshops or seminars.  You can also reassign roles every now and then so employees can learn about other departments and do something outside of their routine.

  1. Resolve Difficult Situations

The best managers know how to create a harmonious work environment in spite of conflict and difficulty.  They rally their team together to come up with solutions.  They can turn a difficult situation into an engaging learning opportunity.  This provides an ideal time to let employees shine as leaders and demonstrate their leadership skills. They also hold people accountable by enforcing proper work behavior including timeliness, dress code, and work ethics.  They do not allow conflict to fester in the office, but rather take swift action to resolve the issues.