A List of Qualities That All Great Leaders Share

Many people are given leadership roles but that doesn’t automatically qualify them as a great leader.  The road to leadership is never an easy one and it involves plenty of twists and turns along the way. The ones who make it to the top and become great leaders are those who were able to persevere when times were tough and continued to work toward success.  While the list of historical leaders is long, the list of great leaders is much shorter.  These great leaders had something in common.  Here are just a few of the qualities that are shared by all great leaders.  


The idea of leadership is to guide a group of people so it is only natural that people choose to follow someone they trust.  True leaders act ethically and are committed to the needs of the people and organization around them. Without honesty, a leader cannot lead with integrity and thus will have no followers.  When you are responsible for a group of people, it is important to be open and straightforward with them. If you make honest and ethical behavior a part of your daily routine, your team will follow.  Great leaders lead by example, and this begins with being honest.


You can’t possibly believe in someone who doesn’t believe in themselves.  When you are leading a team, there are inevitably going to be times when the monthly goals are uncertain and things look dim, but as a leader it is your job to remain confident in your team’s ability and keep the morale going.  When you stay calm and exude confidence, your team is likely to follow suit.


One of the most important qualities of good leaders is a strong vision.  Great leaders have the ability to see into the future. They know how to create a vision, articulate that vision, and see it through to completion.  They are driven and excited about where they are going and they know exactly what needs to be done to get there. People are motivated to follow leaders who have a clear vision.  

Positive Attitude

Great leaders understand that if they want to have a happy and motivated team then they must exhibit that same positivity.  There are always going to be times when things go wrong, employees make mistakes, sales are down, and morale is flustered. Even in the worst times a great leaders stays positive and looks for ways to motivate their team.  The best leaders are those who can stay positive and look for opportunity amidst hardships and challenges.


This quality is rare among many and is perhaps one of the qualities that sets good leaders apart from great ones.  Humility requires leaders to contain their ego and recognize the value of others without feeling threatened. It also means being willing to admit when you are wrong and recognize that you don’t have all the answers.  No matter how hard we try to avoid it, we all fail at some point and great leaders embrace their failures and use them as learning experiences to propel forward.

Great Communication Skills

The ability to communicate is an absolute necessity for great leaders.  It is important to be able to clearly articulate your thoughts to those around you.  It is equally important for leaders to be able to listen to others and interpret what they are saying.  The best leaders know what they want to say and exactly how to say it. They are persuasive and effective when they speak and they clearly communicate their mission, goals, and vision.