A Manager Should Look in the Mirror Every So Often

11Managers have a difficult job. They are entrusted to oversee an entire team or department and they are responsible for making sure each member of the team is working efficiently and effectively. So much of their job is focused on paying attention to their team, but managers also need to remember to stop every now and then and look at themselves. In order to become a truly effective manager and leader, it requires a great deal of self-reflection and growth.  


It Helps with Employee Interaction

Managers are interacting with employees on a daily basis but how often does one stop and reflect on those interactions? It is important to ask yourself questions such as: How did I make my employees feel in that meeting? How did others perceive me? Was I fair and understanding? Did I communicate clearly and effectively? Managers can learn a lot from their relationships with coworkers. Self-reflection allows managers to see things from their employee’s perspective.


It Allows You to Focus on Strengths and Weaknesses

Think about what would happen if you ended each day with the same question: If I got to do today all over again, would I do everything the same? If not, what would you change? Asking yourself this simple question forces you to think about what went right in your day and what went wrong. Understanding this helps to define your strengths and weaknesses. Every manager has strengths and weaknesses, but we can’t change what we don’t acknowledge so it is important to identify those weaknesses.


You Have to Understand Yourself Before You Can Understand Others

The role of a manager is to help and guide their employees, but it is difficult to help others when you don’t truly understand yourself. Self-reflection allows managers to focus on what helps them grow. What motivates them? What empowers them to succeed? What are their own goals and aspirations? If we never stop to reflect on these things and fully understand ourselves, it is impossible to truly understand others.


It Can Be Humbling

Every manager wants their employees to show up on time, dress professionally, follow rules and guidelines, and perform to their best ability. At times, however, even managers fall short. That’s why it’s important to stop and look in the mirror from time to time. If you want to be respected by your employees, you need to make sure you are leading by example.  


The best managers are those who recognize that learning is an ongoing process.  Managers will make mistakes along the way, but self-reflection and self-awareness will give them the tools needed to propel them forward. Understanding one’s self is the first step in becoming a truly great leader.