Be the Manager Your Employees Talk About, in a Good Way

Managers are often heavily focused on their own job and all of their own responsibilities.  While managers undoubtedly have a lot on their plate, it is so important for them to make time to support their employees. Managers who make an effort to help and support their team are more likely to be respected by their employees. In turn, employees will be happier in their jobs and perform better at work. Employees appreciate a manager who cares about them. Be the manager that your employees respect and look up to by following a few of these tips.


Work WITH Your Employees and Delegate

Many managers are used to having a full workload and they hesitate to delegate tasks to their employees. However, by refusing to pass off responsibilities, they are sending the message that they don’t trust their own employees to do the work. Likewise, they will never be able to take on bigger, more senior-level tasks if they refuse to delegate.  Therefore, managers need to let go and pass things along to employees. They also need to get their hands dirty and help their employees through projects if needed. Employees appreciate a boss who works with them rather than above them.  


Be a Good Communicator

Great managers set expectations and clearly communicate them with team members to ensure everyone is on the same page. They also spend time talking with employees and providing helpful feedback. They regularly check in with employees to make sure they are happy and have everything they need to do their job.


Lead by Example

Employees respect a manager who practices what they preach. This means following the same rules and guidelines that you expect your employees to follow, working just as hard to be productive, and keeping a positive attitude about the job. Remember that your employees are going to follow your lead so you need to set a good example.


Give Praise and Recognition

Great managers recognize their employees’ efforts are aren’t afraid to praise them for a job well done. Employees want to feel appreciated and noticed when they have done something great. This motivates them to keep working hard. If you want your employees to respect you, don’t forget to give credit where credit is due.


Encourage Employees to be Leaders

A great manager knows when to step back and let their team do their jobs without micromanaging every detail. Assign tasks and responsibilities to your employees and empower them to succeed on their own. Give them opportunities to make decisions and don’t question them. This gives them confidence and helps to build future leaders. Employees appreciate a manager who trusts them.


Be Positive and Motivate

No one wants to work for a manager who is always complaining and never seems to be happy in their own job. Great managers understand the importance of fostering a positive work culture and find ways to be positive even amidst challenge. They find ways to motivate their employees in a way that keeps the job both fun and challenging.


Be Humble

One of the best ways to earn the respect of your employees is by treating them as equals. Humble yourself enough to admit your own mistakes, ask questions, and treat your employees fairly. Never act like you are above your employees, but rather, act like their equal.