Employee Development In and Out of the Office

In order to have a growing and thriving business, employers must take the time to focus on employee development.  Employee development is important because it ensures that employees have the skills, knowledge, and tools necessary to be successful at their job.  By enhancing your employees’ skillset, you are empowering them with confidence in the workplace.  Employees are the greatest asset to a company. Therefore, companies should invest in proper employee development both in and out of the office.

Why Is Employee Development So Important?

Having a solid employee development program is a benefit that helps to attract great employees.  When you provide employees with adequate training, they build a stronger skillset that makes them more successful in their work.  This also makes the employees feel important because they know you care about investing in their future.  In turn, you will have more qualified employees and higher employee retention.

Examples of Employee Development Opportunities In the Office

There are a number of programs designed to help employees acquire the skills they need to succeed.  These programs can and should be incorporated in and out of the office.   The following are just a few examples of employee development programs that can be incorporated in the office.

Onboarding: The process of onboarding begins the moment you hire a new employee.  During this process you give the new hire all of the tools and training necessary to help them learn their new position.

Training Seminars: Training seminars can be held within the office and can help employees develop a number of skills including negotiation skills, presentation skills, and team building skills.   This is a great way to equip your employees with important skills that will help them be more successful in their career.

-Mentoring: Pairing up new employees with a more experienced mentor can help them learn the job faster.  Employees will also feel more comfortable asking questions when they have a mentor they can reach out to.  Mentoring is an employee development technique that feels personal and individualized.

Examples of Employee Development Opportunities Out of the Office

Employee development should not be limited to the confines of the office walls.  Rather, good employee development happens outside of the office as well.  The following are a few examples of employee development that can be incorporated outside of the office.

-Off-Site Training: Training seminars that are offered outside of the office can help your employees gain perspective from a third-party trainer.  It can give your employees creative ideas and solutions that they can bring back to the office.

-Conferences: There might be times when it is beneficial to send a team of employees to an out of town conference.  Choose a conference that offers training on a topic that is pertinent to the workplace.  Your employees will enjoy getting some training out of the office and they will appreciate the opportunity for growth.

-Books or Online Training: Businesses can offer to purchase books or online training courses for employees who are looking to improve their skills.  This is a great way for employees to build their skills on their own personal time.  This will also show employers which employees are truly dedicated to furthering their career.

-Team Building Activities: An important aspect in growing a business is emphasizing the importance of team building.  These can be fun off-site activities such as picnics, outdoor games, or company gatherings that allow team members to work together in a fun and relaxed environment.

Without proper employee development programs, your employees will not have the opportunity to continue their growth in order to advance their careers.  Offering ample employee development opportunities both in and out of the office will allow employees to build their skillset and ultimately benefit the growth of the business.