3 Ways to Earn Respect as a Young Manager

There is no question that there has been a growing shift in recent years of young professionals taking on more prominent roles in the workplace.  Whether it is due to their ability to adapt to a more flexible work-life balance or their knowledge of media and technology, one thing is for sure…there are more and more young professionals taking on leadership roles.   While it is true that there are more opportunities for young people to advance in the workplace that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is easy for them to gain respect.  Here are three ways young managers can earn the respect of their coworkers and supervisors.

Get to Know Your Colleagues

It is common for older workers to look down upon young professionals because many of them still carry the mentality that age comes with experience and ability.  Instead of putting your defenses up, embrace this mentality by talking with your older colleagues and getting to know them.  Don’t be too proud to ask them for advice once in a while and listen carefully to their input.  At the same time don’t be afraid to show your assertiveness and competence.  They will learn to respect you for your ability to lead without arrogance.

Remember How You Got There

So…you have worked tremendously hard and despite your young age you got promoted to a management position.  It is important to remember that with this position comes a great deal of responsibility and part of that means looking out for those around you.  Chances are you had a mentor or manager somewhere along the way who influenced you and was always looking out for you.  It’s time you do the same for others.  Managers who go out of their way to make their team members feel appreciated and who make them feel comfortable speaking up are much more likely to earn the respect of their team.  It is important to encourage and nurture the careers of your team members and pass along the support that you yourself received.

Don’t Overcommit

It is common for young managers to feel like they have to prove themselves.  They often do this by raising their hand to take on every task.  While this may seem like a viable plan, the truth is they often become so overwhelmed with trying to keep up with everything that it detracts from their progress. Rather, young managers should take on roles one at a time and build proficiency in each area.  This will give them a broader skillset that will enable them to reach their long-term goals.  This will also help them earn the respect of their colleagues and supervisors.

A new leadership role does not necessarily come with respect.  Respect is an essential leadership quality that must be built over time.  Young managers often find that respect is not easy to come by, especially when it comes to their older colleagues.  That said, these tips can help you learn to navigate your role as a young manager in a way that helps you become more successful while earning the respect of your colleagues.