Five Ways to Make Coming to Work More Enjoyable for Your Team

When most of us think of work, we don’t associate it with fun. For the majority of employees, their job is simply part of their daily routine and a way to pay their bills. The fact is, however, work can actually be enjoyable. This doesn’t mean happy hours and company parties that only happen a few times a year. We are talking about activities that can make your employees’ daily routine in the office fun and enjoyable. 


It is incredibly important for managers to invest in ways to make work more enjoyable for their employees because happier employees lead to higher productivity. Furthermore, happy employees are more creative, innovative, and dedicated to their jobs. They are also more likely to stick around long term, and that can be hugely beneficial for any company. There are several things managers can do to transform the workplace into a more enjoyable place to be. Here are five simple ways to create a work environment that employees are actually excited about. 


  1. Give Praise and Recognition Often

The number one reason employees leave their jobs is because they feel underappreciated. This powerful statistic should be at the forefront of every manager’s mind. It should also be their motivation to be more deliberate about giving their employees praise and recognition. By offering consistent praise, employees will be excited and eager to contribute to the company. Recognition can be something as simple as sending out a quick email or acknowledging an employee at a team meeting. It could even be a positive one-on-one feedback session or a verbal shout-out during the workday. The key is to be consistent and consistent praise can go a long way in boosting employee morale.


  1. Keep Things Casual

There are some industries where it is certainly expected to dress up for work, but many companies could get away with a more casual dress code. Even if it’s only one or two days a week, casual attire can really brighten everyone’s moods and make their whole workday more enjoyable. It could even be fun to break out of your routine every once in a while by hosting themed dress up days. It’s a simple idea that costs nothing to implement, but can really make a difference with employee morale. 


  1. Plan and Implement Friendly Competitions

Perhaps one of the best ways to make your workplace more enjoyable is to have a little fun and encourage friendly competition. Not only does competition bring fun, but it can also enhance worker productivity. Competition is a big driver of motivation and it pushes people to be better. It’s also a great way to enhance team-building and improve working relationships among colleagues. 


  1. Cozy Up the Office

Let’s be honest, many people tend to do their best work when they are relaxed and comfortable. That’s why it can really be beneficial to create a work environment that feels a bit more like home. While it is certainly important for employees to have a workspace that is separate from their home to maintain an important work/life balance, that doesn’t mean work can’t be cozy and comfortable too. Consider simple things like adding plush carpet and rugs, couches, comfortable chairs, and plenty of good lighting. You could even create separate spaces in the office so employees can get a change of scenery throughout the day. 


  1. Smile and Let Loose Once in a While

For starters, a simple smile can go a long way in brightening an employee’s day. Make it a point to greet employees when they arrive and smile as you pass them by during the day. It’s also encouraged to relax on being too formal inside the workplace. While a certain level of professionalism is expected, it can be healthy for everyone to have a friendly and lighter mood inside the office. Encourage laughter and happiness and remember that an “all work and no play” mentality can lead to burnout. Employees who are happy at work are more likely to be engaged in their job.