Great Apps and Software to Facilitate Employee Communication

Good communication is an essential tool for achieving productivity and maintaining strong working relationships within an organization.  Just as it is important for employers to communicate effectively with their team, it is equally important for employees to communicate effectively with their colleagues.  In order for employees to be efficient at their job, they need to find ways to communicate with one another in the most productive way.  No one has time to keep walking across the office to discuss something or wasting time sending unnecessary emails.  That’s why many companies have chosen to rely on apps and software that help to facilitate employee communication in a more effective and time efficient manner.  Here are a few of the best apps and software for employee communication.


HipChat is a software that allows employees to collaborate, work as teams, and manage goals all in real time.  It is perfect because it works whether employees are in the same office or located at different locations anywhere in the world.  The foundation of the software is it’s one-on-one chat feature but it also offers video, group screen sharing, and document exchange.  It is compatible with a variety of devices including smartphones, desktop computers, tablets, and even wearables such as Apple Watch and Android Wear.


Slack is a messaging app that is popular in many workplaces.  It is essentially a chat room for the entire company and is designed to replace email as the primary method of communication.  It allows for private messaging as well as group discussions and document exchanges.  Rather than scattering communication across various channels like emails, texts, and face-to-face meetings, conversations and information can be neatly organized in one place.


Campfire is a web-based group chat tool that allows users to set up password-protected chat rooms in a matter of seconds.  Users can invite clients and colleagues to chat, collaborate, and discuss information.  Since it is a web-based program, there is nothing to download or install.  Users can also communicate on the go with the Campfire app available for iPhone.  This allows employees to communicate effectively with colleagues even when they are away from the office.


Beekeeper is an award winning digital workplace app.  It connects a variety of workforces, combining operational systems and internal communication channels within one secure employee portal.  It gives colleagues the opportunity to collaborate virtually across departments in real-time via mobile or desktop devices.


Jostle is a cloud-based collaboration and social networking solution that helps businesses share information, align teams, invite participants, and recognize contributions.  It allows employees to discuss topics and share ideas in an open or closed collaborative environment.  Users can share information with specific employees that are targeted by the “like” and “comment” feature.  The system’s “shout-out” feature lets users recognize individual or team efforts and shares the kudos with the entire office.  Users can even conduct live polls and share results with other employees. 


Blink is an app and intranet solution designed to help mobile teams and firstline workers to connect on the go.  Users can post relevant news and videos as well as communicate through chat, share notifications, and personalize training information.  There is a desktop app, a web app, an iOS app, and an Adroid app, meaning that Blink can be used no matter where you are.