How to Provide the Right Support to Employees

When employees are engaged in their jobs, they have that extra drive and commitment to perform at a higher level because they feel a sense of purpose and a connection to their work.  Research shows that employees who are engaged are more productive in the workplace and are less likely to leave their job, and the single most important way to increase employee engagement is through the support of their immediate manager. Talented professionals want to work for a company that seeks to help them build their skills and further their careers. Therefore, managers should strive to provide support to their employees to help them grow professionally. There are plenty of ways managers can support their staff and here are just a few examples. 

Take a Personal Interest in Employee Career Goals

In addition to managing the day-to-day operations of their team, managers should also make it a point to meet with their employees on a regular basis to discuss their individual career goals and aspirations. This kind of support makes employees feel valued. Not only will it help them reach their long-term goals, but it will also lead to greater productivity and loyalty in their current position. Managers can support their employees’ career goals by helping them outline a career path and recognizing milestones and accomplishments along the way. 

Promote Continued Education and Learning

Additional training and continuing education is an important part of fueling employee growth. In addition to helping employees improve their individual skills, this kind of training keeps them up to date with what’s happening within the industry. Managers that make continued learning a priority are supporting their employees in both their current and future endeavors. 

Open and Effective Communication

One of the best ways to support employees is by fostering an environment where communication is encouraged. Managers should meet regularly with their employees to provide constructive feedback. Not only is this an opportunity to give employees suggestions for improvement, but it is also a great opportunity to praise them for what they are doing well. Likewise, managers should communicate their goals and expectations with their team so everyone is on the same page. In the same way, managers should strive to provide an open door policy where employees are comfortable expressing ideas, concerns, and questions with them as well. 

Encourage Them to Be Their Own Leaders

The best managers are those who take a step back and let their team do their job without micromanaging every task. They assign specific tasks and responsibilities to each team member and empower them to reach success on their own. They also give their employees the chance to make their own decisions and they don’t second guess them. This type of support helps employees learn to take the reins in order to excel at their jobs. 


When it comes to being a supportive manager, nothing is quite as powerful as listening. Managers can support their employees by listening to their ideas and insights and addressing their needs and concerns. Listening is one of the best things a leader can do to encourage great energy and help employees reach their full potential.