Keeping Your Team Productive During an Office Relocation

If a business is successful, it is inevitable that they will eventually outgrow their office and expand into a larger space. This relocation is necessary for the business to continue growing, but it can present some short-term challenges. An office move can temporarily disrupt the productivity and efficiency of your business. Some of this disruption is inevitable, but there are things you can do to minimize it. Here are a few helpful tips for keeping your team productive during an office relocation.

Develop an Employee Communication Plan
A business relocation can lead to a disrupted work environment without proper communication from the top. Therefore, an employee communication plan should be put into place right from the start. Have a meeting with your staff and communicate the benefits of the move and explain what new improvements and infrastructure employees can expect. This is also a chance to communicate your expectations for how they will conduct business while the office is closed. It is important to let employees know exactly how you plan to keep them working and productive during this interim period.

Prioritize your Packing
When you are moving offices there will be plenty to pack. However, certain tools and supplies should be kept out until the last minute. For example, paper, pens, laptops, charging cords, and a printer should remain available as long as possible. Prioritize the packing and pack up decorative ideas, lamps, pictures, and other minor objects first and save furniture and essential supplies for last.

List the Tasks that Can Be Completed from Home
It’s unlikely that you will go directly from one office to the next in one day. This simply isn’t possible so it’s likely that your employees will be working from home for a short period. As moving day approaches, make sure you have a clearly defined list of tasks that employees can and should be able to complete from home. This will keep everyone accountable and productive even during the time when they aren’t in the office.

Schedule Virtual Meetings
If your office is temporarily closed during relocation this doesn’t mean you have to cancel all meetings and team communication. Rather, schedule your team meetings online and conduct them virtually. This is a great way to share and collaborate with employees while also holding them accountable for conducting business as usual from home.

Move Your Technology Quickly
Technology is the lifeline for today’s business and it’s the one thing that MUST be in place in order for businesses to operate. Therefore, this should be your first priority when relocating. You want to devise a plan with your IT team to ensure swift setup of equipment and internet at your new location. Make sure all equipment is ordered well in advance so you can get back to work as quickly as possible. You want to make sure all essential tech equipment is up and running before employees arrive back in the office and get settled.