Key Differences Between A Good Manager And A Great One

The question has been asked many times in the professional world: What separates a good manager from a great one?  Managers are responsible for creating the best environment in which their team can achieve the greatest success for the company. While there are many good managers in the workplace, the great managers are the ones who know how to connect with their employees in order to develop a dynamic team. Here are a few tips that can help managers become the best they can be.

Communicate With Your Team

Great managers encourage open communication.  Create a safe environment where team members feel comfortable asking questions and provide instruction or extra training when needed.  It is also important to consult them before making decisions and allow them to share their perspective.  Doing so makes them feel that their opinions are valued and their suggestions are important.   Finally, provide feedback in order to help your employees strengthen areas of weakness and let them know when they are doing a great job.

Time To Get To Know Your Team Members

Great managers know that their job is not just about getting things done.  They need to invest time in developing their team. Each member of your team brings their own individual strengths to the table.  It is important that you take the time to get to know their strengths and weaknesses so you can capitalize on what they do well.  Once you are familiar with their strengths, you can help them further develop those skills in order to achieve the highest results.


Keep Your Team Motivated

A great manager understands individual motivations and responds to them properly.  This is a difficult quality to master but it can make all the difference in helping team members reach their full potential.  Once you get to know your team members, you can reward them in ways that show you understand their individual needs.  This might mean rewarding them by letting them oversee a new project or giving them more responsibility within their department.  Either way, when employees feel appreciated they are more likely to aim for greater heights at work.


Work For Your Team

Just as you expect the most from your team members they expect the same from you as well.  They need to know they can trust you and can come to you when problems arise.  If they have done a great job, let them know  If there is a new position available that you think they would be great for, encourage them to go for it.   The more your team trusts and respects you, the harder they will work for you.


Being a great manager is no easy task but these ideas will help you rise to the occasion.  Great managers are persistent, honest, and confident and have the ability to build trust and rapport with their employees.   They develop their own unique management style that reflects these important components and sets them apart from other managers.