Leading Your Employees To Better Their Retention Rates

Employee retention is a key element in the overall success of a business. Businesses should seek to create a positive environment where employees are motivated and productive.  High turnover rates are costly and have a negative impact on company morale.  Therefore, it is important for businesses to implement retention strategies in order to avoid turnover and build a strong relationship between management and staff.  Here are a few tips that will keep your employees happy, productive, and on board for the long haul.

Provide Ample Training

Companies expect their employees to be knowledgeable and well-versed in the business yet many companies do not invest in the right training that allows their employees to succeed.  Whether you invite keynote speakers to staff meetings, send your employees to a training seminar, or assign a mentor to help them learn the ropes, it is important to take your employee’s education seriously.  Not only will this help to build their confidence and productivity, but it will be a long-term investment in their career.

 Give Feedback and Offer Guidance

A good employee wants to know exactly what is expected of them, how they are doing, and how they can improve.  You can help them accomplish this by setting clearly defined goals and job duties and providing regular feedback on their performance.  If an employee feels confused about their role, they are more likely to give up and search for a new job.  However, if you meet with them regularly to give feedback and guidance along the way they will be more likely to work harder in order to reach their goals.


Offer Competitive Salaries

It can be difficult for companies to offer competitive pay when budgets are tight but it can be more costly to keep replacing employees.  The reality is employees can increase their salary almost 10 to 20 percent by switching jobs so the offer can be tempting.   By offering a competitive salary, bonuses, and other incentives, employees are more likely to stay put.


Empower Your Team

Nothing is more frustrating to employees than to feel like they are being micro-managed all the time.  Instead, allow your team members to take responsibility for their own duties.  Managers should be there to facilitate and support but remember that you have hired experienced and competent employees. Empower them by making them feel confident in what they do and recognize their potential for growth.


Check In with Your Team

Employees are happier in the workplace when they feel like they can communicate openly with their managers.  Aside from formal performance reviews, check in regularly with your team members to address any concerns they might have.  Give them the opportunity to talk about their strengths, areas of weakness, and career aspirations.  Let them know you are dedicated to their professional growth and you are there to help them succeed.


It is important for businesses to remember that their employees are their most valuable asset.  Therefore, it is imperative that businesses do their part to make their employees feel valued.  Take time to provide the necessary training, recognize their hard work, and encourage open communication in order to create an atmosphere where your employees feel like they can reach their full potential.