Should You Focus on Results or How Employees Do Their Jobs?

We live in a culture that is obsessed with results and the pressure for employees to perform is higher than ever. It is difficult to be a manager amidst such pressure because they are also pressured to keep everyone around them satisfied. Oftentimes a manager’s superiors are making demands and all they care about are results, returns, and productivity. As a result, managers often feel the need to focus heavily on results. One should keep in mind, however, that managers that focus too much on the bottom line end up hurting their team’s performance. The only way to deliver great results is for a manager to lead their people to produce them. This may require managers to look past work performance and results and focus on cultivating a culture where employees can succeed in the long run. Instead of putting pressure on employees to perform, here are a few things managers can do instead. 

Assume the best about your employees

Managers should start with the assumption that their employees want to do a good job and they come to work ready to contribute. In most cases, the average person doesn’t head into the office with the intention of slacking off. For the most part, people want to do their best and they want to be a valued member of the team. 

Set clear goals and expectations.

It’s tough for managers to hold people accountable for results if those expectations haven’t been clearly defined. It is a positive leadership practice to set clear goals and communicate them to your team members. You should then manage these goals by providing feedback and reinforcing desired behaviors and outcomes. If someone is struggling with their job, assist them and offer them the tools needed for success. 

Align people with their skills and talents. 

A great leadership approach is to align people with tasks that involve skills they are good at or tasks they are passionate about. Everyone has their own unique talents and we all have tasks that we like better than others. By focusing on their skills and talents, you will empower your employees to take on new challenges and you will motivate them to work even harder. In doing so, this will eventually lead to better results. 

Focus on developing your employees.

One of the main reasons people leave jobs is because they get burnt out. They end up feeling stuck like they have no place else to go. Leaders who focus on developing their employees and providing opportunities for them to advance their skills will find that their employees are more likely to perform well at their current job. When leaders focus on performance and engagement instead of results alone, they will soon see that their employees are happier and more productive. This will ultimately lead to greater results.