What Management Certifications Are Actually Worth Getting?

Whether you are looking to land a new job or working towards a promotion at your current organization, there are many certifications that can help you reach your goals. As a manager, you understand the importance of on-the-job experience and certifications are a great way to expand your skills, enhance your knowledge, and expand your network. It’s not always easy to get the amount of training you need through work alone, and certifications are a great way to give you the experience you need to usher in that next phase of your career. Not only will certifications give you the skills needed to be more successful at your job, but they are also impressive to recruiters and employers. Here are a few of the most in-demand certifications that can help you advance your career. 


  1. PMP- Project Management Professional

One of the most sought after hires for companies today is a project manager. While anyone can claim to have the leadership and organizational skills of a project manager, having the certification to prove it can really make you stand out and it can add significant value to your resume. Employers love seeing a PMP certification because it shows that the candidate is more likely to have a sophisticated approach for seeing things through from start to finish. This certification can be a huge career booster and can be extremely useful across a number of industries including healthcare, manufacturing, construction, publishing, information services, finance, and professional services. 


  1. CSM- Certified ScrumMaster

A scrum master is responsible for leading teams through complex projects, facilitating the processes for an organization, and encouraging team members to learn through experiences. As more and more companies are opting for agile, project-based work, there has been an increase in demand for managers with a CSM certification. This certification teaches managers how to facilitate strong teamwork while also learning to adapt to evolving conditions. While it is most common in IT fields, it is growing in popularity across a number of industries. 


  1. CAPM- Certified Associate in Project Management

This is a great certification for managers at any level of their career. Because this certification does not require any project management experience, it is ideal for recent graduates who want to bolster their resume with a certification that demonstrates a commitment to a career in project management. Project management continues to be among the hottest jobs, so this certification can help professionals showcase their understanding of standardized practices. 


  1. CPD- Certified Project Director

The CPD is a globally recognized certification and is considered to be the most prestigious level of project management credential. It is designed for senior and experienced professionals who want to get a certification beyond other project management certifications. Through this course, participants will learn new techniques for managing and controlling complex projects as well as personnel, risk management, budgets, and cost. Though it is considered to be one of the most difficult certifications to earn, it is also one of the most distinguished. 

  1. PgMP- Program Management Professional

This certification is also for more experienced managers, who have managed a project across functions, organizations, and regions. This program teaches managers how to support an organization’s goals and objectives by achieving benefits that could not be reached by managing individual projects. Designed for executives and senior-level managers who want to learn more about managing successful projects, this certification can provide a distinct advantage in employment and promotion.


  1. CBPA- Certified Business Process Associate, Professional, or Leader

The CBPA certificate is an advanced level of Business Process Management (BPM.) Perfect for people newer to the profession, this certification demonstrates an understanding of the concepts, approaches, techniques, and technology needed to succeed in BPM. As companies look to streamline operations and incorporate new technologies into their organizations, there’s a growing demand for managers who are skilled in business process management. This certification is a great way to distinguish you from your peers when you go to land that new job.