The 10 Worst Movie Bosses of All Time

Most of us have had a boss at some point that was less than stellar.  They are the ones we remember as being unorganized, micromanagers, too friendly with the staff, or just flat out rude.  As bad as these bosses might have seemed, they pale in comparison to the managerial styles of the most loathsome movie bosses.  These hated movie bosses are our worst nightmare and leave us hoping and praying that we are never subjected to such a terrible manager.  Here are 10 of the worst movie bosses of all time.

The Boss: Miranda Priestly (The Devil Wears Prada)

She was cruel, cold, and known as the Queen of put-downs.  She treated her assistant like a peon and wasn’t afraid to insult her at any given time.  Her idea of a good employee was to do everything she wants all the time and on time.  To say she was demanding would be an understatement for this abusive bully.  This boss would leave most of us running out the door on day one!

The Boss: Dr. Evil (Austen Powers)

This ill-tempered and childish boss was so demanding that you did what he wanted or it might cost you your life! If you so much as disagreed with him or even question his motives, he might tip your chair back and drop you into a lair of hot magma! I wouldn’t dare cross a boss like this!

The Boss: Gordon Gekko (Wall Street)

Michael Douglas played this greedy and crooked boss.  He wanted money and would stop at nothing to get it.  He was the king of scams, tricks, and criminal activity and he made sure his employees did what he said.  Talk about a boss that rules with an iron fist.

The Boss: Colonel Nathan R Jessop (A Few Good Men)

His tactic was discipline but his disciplinary actions consisted of “code red” punishments that were brutal and sadistic.  What makes it even worse is that he appeared to get pleasure out of his hard-faced tactics.  This boss was psychopathic- yearning to inflict pain in order to get his way.

The Boss: Blake (Glengarry Glen Ross)

He is every salesman’s worst nightmare.  You either make the sale or you get fired.  There was no motivation, training, and incentives with this guy.  He had no qualms about calling you out in front of everyone and making you look like a complete imbecile.  If you remember anything at all from this guy, it’s simple…Always Be Closing!

The Boss: Dabney Coleman ( Horrible Bosses)

The movie title says it all! No wonder we had to choose a character from this movie.  And no one could forget ole’ Dabney Coleman.  This creepy boss was crude and rude and used harassment to blackmail her assistant.  In real life, she would be all over the news for her outrageous behavior and antics.

The Boss: Katharine Parker (Working Girl)

This financial executive appears to be supportive of her secretary but in reality, she was devising a plan to steal her ideas and claim them as her own.  She had nothing of her own to offer so she took advantage of those around her.  She was manipulative and unsympathetic of her actions.

The Boss: Margaret Tate (The Proposal)

We all know bosses who are arrogant but Margaret Tate was overbearing, aggressive, and totally about herself.  She put her job before her morals, so much so that she was willing to coerce her assistant into marrying her to avoid deportation.  Yikes!

The Boss: Bill Lumbergh (Office Space)

This software company vice president is the quintessential micromanager.  He bogs his employees down with unnecessary paperwork and pointless demands just to prove his authority.  No one likes working for a micromanager, and Bill Lumbergh could be the worst!

The Boss: Franklin Hart, Jr. ( 9 to 5)

This sleazy manager was an expert at one thing: mistreating his female subordinates.  From sexual harassment to sexist hiring practices, he did it all.  His arrogance, intolerable behavior, and sexist attitude make him one of the worst movie bosses of all time.