Five Ways Managers Can Stay Committed During an Economic Downturn


Managing a team can seem easy when sales are up, profits are increasing, and everything seems to be going well. When times are tough, however, it can be difficult for managers to stay focused and committed when they are feeling overwhelmed by stress. Even during the best of times, managers have a lot on their plate, but during an economic downturn, it can be even more challenging to keep employees motivated and loyal. Even though things can be unsettled, a crisis is the best time for managers to hunker down, get honest, and engage positively with their team. Here are a few ways to stay motivated and committed when times get tough. 


Tell Employees What You Expect of Them

During an economic downturn, you don’t have to tell employees that things are getting tough…they already know it. In reality, they are bombarded with the news every time they turn on the TV or have a casual conversation with a friend. When times are tough, it’s easy for employees to lose drive and focus. Managers need to keep them on track by reminding them why they are here and communicating expectations. 


Give Your Employees the Tool They Need to Succeed

When times get tough, budgets become limited and employees may not have what they need to do their jobs well. Furthermore, they might be afraid to ask under such turbulent circumstances. Therefore, it’s up to the manager to check in regularly to ensure their employees have the right tools and resources to do their jobs. If managers are unable to fulfill their request, they should be up front and honest about why and be prepared to offer an alternative solution. 


Stay Positive and Offer Help

When times get tough, employees will look to their managers for guidance and reassurance. Managers should do their best to be honest and upfront while also staying positive. This positive energy will be contagious and will help employees to stay motivated and engaged. Managers should also check in with their employees regularly to make sure they are doing ok. This is a great opportunity to provide feedback, offer suggestions, and help employees find ways to adapt to the new work environment. 


Don’t Forget to Give Praise

In the midst of great challenges, it is more important than ever to celebrate successes. Employees may be questioning themselves and their jobs during these times and a pat on the back can mean a lot. Make sure your staff knows you appreciate them and their hard work. 


Focus on Employee Engagement

Now is the time to keep those lines of communication open and encourage your employees to talk about whatever is going on and any concerns they may have. Be seen in and around the office and let your employees know you care about them. Strike up a conversation, chat with them in the break room, and answer their questions as honestly as you can. It will make them feel less scared and more involved.