Tips to Motivate Your Employees

Recent studies suggest that only about 33% of employees are engaged in the workplace. This can be a huge detriment to your business. As a manager, you are likely aware of the negative effects of disengaged employees such as decreased productivity and high turnover. What you may not know, however, is how to go about boosting your employee morale and motivating employees to meet and even exceed expectations. Below are some tried and tested strategies for motivating your employees. 

Recognize Their Efforts

When it comes to motivating employees, there are few things as effective as a simple act of praising them for a job well done. Recognizing your employees and thanking them for their hard work can have a tremendous impact on employee morale. Positive feedback is easy to give, costs nothing, and pays huge dividends. When someone feels valued and appreciated, they are more motivated to continue working at their highest levels. 

Create a Pleasant Environment

No one wants to work in an office that is dark, dingy, or boring. If you really want employees to be excited about coming to work, you need to create a space that is aesthetically pleasing, well-light, functional, and positive. Start by providing updated equipment and giving employees the tools they need to succeed. Then, add in some fun furniture pieces, local art, and at-home comforts such as a coffee station, refrigerator, and maybe even a little recreational area with a TV and chessboard. All of these touches will go a long way in making your workplace a lot more enjoyable for employees. 

Pay Well

Money may not be everything, but at the end of the day, it’s always a good motivator. When you set your employees’ salaries, make sure their pay is consistent with similar companies in your area. Don’t lose good employees because you were underpaying them. 

Offer Rewards and Incentives

People will be motivated to work harder if they have a reason to, so consider implementing an incentive program. Perhaps you will add a quarterly bonus or a commission structure that is better than your competitors. You might even offer to pay for professional development or allow for profit-sharing in your company. There are even plenty of small ways to incentivize employees such as friendly competitions in the workplace that result in gift cards, gym memberships, extra vacation days, or some other reward. 


Offer Flexible Scheduling

Now, more than ever, companies are gaining insight as to the importance of flexible scheduling. Technology has changed the way we can work and many employees can work from home as easily as they can in an office. In fact, flexible scheduling has become one of the most desirable benefits for employees. Many employees even prefer flexible scheduling over a high salary. Whether it’s the opportunity to work from home, the ability to take time off when needed, or the option to choose their own schedule, flexibility is one of the best ways to attract and keep top talent. 

Include Them in Goal Setting

Employees are much more likely to work towards a goal that they have set for themselves. You can motivate them by allowing them to have a say in what their goals should be and how they should go about achieving them. This gives them a purpose and when they understand their purpose, they are better able to understand how they fit into the big picture.