Training Exercises That Will Boost Your Employees’ Confidence

Employees who are confident are more likely to stand out in the workplace because they are able to show how they can handle situations effectively and with a positive attitude.  Confidence and self-assurance are vital for success in the workplace.  A confident employee knows what they are doing, they know what their strengths are, and they convey that to others in a way that is positive but not egocentric. Confidence is the basis for productivity and achievements and will lead to a more successful career.  That said, not everyone is born with a confident attitude.  The following ideas show ways in which companies can boost employee confidence in order to see more success in the workplace.

Encourage managers and co-workers to share their experiences

Everyone has that one moment when they start a new job and they feel completely overwhelmed, incompetent, and not right for the job.  They want to bolt for the door but they manage to persevere.  The fact is we have all been there.  Use this as a way to improve the confidence of your newest employees.  At the next meeting or team building event, ask other employees and even managers to share one thing they struggled with during their first week on the job.  Maybe they couldn’t work the copier or maybe they had to deal with an angry customer.  Whatever their struggles, it will make new employees feel more confident to know that others were in their same shoes.

Assign mentors

Mentorship can be an invaluable teaching tool for employees.  This does not mean to buddy up for lunch on the first day.  Rather, pair up team members who will complement each other and provide encouragement on the job.  Mentors can show their partner where things are, how things typically work, and provide insight that will be helpful for the new team member.  In addition to helping new employees feel more competent on the job, mentors are also available to answer questions and provide feedback along the way.

Perform a job swap

This is a fun exercise that allows employees to swap jobs with another co-worker just for the day.  This exercise can be beneficial for several reasons.  First, it helps employees to better understand parts of the business that they might not normally deal with.  This can be helpful if there is ever a day where you are understaffed and need a little extra help.  Other employees will now have some knowledge of that area and they can step in to help.  It is also beneficial because it enables co-workers to develop a deeper appreciation for each other’s positions. Finally, moving people around every once in a while allows them to connect with other employees that they do not normally work with.

Building employee confidence is about building trust among co-workers, managers, and within themselves.  If an employee feels confident in their job, they are more likely to reach their goals and less likely to flee from challenges.  Confident employees can emerge from their comfort zone and aim for higher success.