Why Every Manager Needs to Learn Negotiation Skills

There is no doubt that negotiation skills are an important part of doing business. In today’s highly competitive market, the ability to negotiate is more important than ever. However, negotiating skills extend far beyond boardroom meetings, client contracts, and sales. Negotiation skills can be invaluable when discussing the responsibilities of employees and new hires as well as dealing with the inner workings of a team. For this reason, it is vital that managers learn how to negotiate effectively. In order for a team to function properly and effectively, managers must possess the right skills to keep the business running smoothly. Here are just a few reasons why negotiation skills are vital for managers. 


Building Relationships

Managers are working with a team of people who differ in their culture, skills, and strengths. A manager that is well-trained in negotiations recognizes these qualities and puts them to good use when the time comes to negotiate. They have the ability to designate roles within the team and negotiate the responsibilities of each team member. In doing so, they cultivate a relationship built on trust and understanding. 


Managing Conflict

In addition to building rapport with team members, leaders must be prepared to manage conflict. A manager with strong negotiation skills doesn’t fumble around, but rather backs up claims with facts and figures and looks for ways to create win-win solutions. They have the ability to influence the thinking of others by showing them concrete evidence and information. 


They Will Be Prepared to Bargain

The day will come when managers might be given a task with an unreasonable timetable. Rather than slapping it on their team and imposing an unrealistic deadline, managers with good negotiation skills will be able to think of alternative solutions that will satisfy team members and also achieve the end goal. Likewise, managers might need to use bargaining skills in order to negotiate salary increases for employees or promotions. 


Negotiation Skills Build Respect

Respect is an essential part of business and it’s important that employees respect their managers in order to get the most productivity out of them. Likewise, managers should be respected by clients, vendors, and colleagues. Managers who are good negotiators can have a lasting impression on everyone in the workplace and this can strengthen their professional reputation.