Why Following Through for My Employees Improved Morale for the Entire Company

Following through is an important skill for any manager.  When managers follow through on their promises, it increases their credibility as a leader and boosts the morale of the team.  Employees look to their managers for support, encouragement, and guidance.  When managers fail to follow through on promises they have made, they also fail their employees.  Great managers never go back on their word because they understand how following through positively impacts the employees and the company as a whole.

It Increases Reliability and Credibility

When an employee tells their manager that they are going to get something done, the manager surely expects the employee to do it.   If they fall short, the manager assumes that the employee is not fit for the task.   This same idea goes for managers as well.  If you promise your employees something, you need to do what you said.  Otherwise, your employees begin to see you as unreliable and untrustworthy.  Whether you are promising a bonus for an employee referral or promising that you are going to address a conflict in the office, it is crucial that you follow through.  Doing so will earn you the respect of your employees and they will see you as reliable and credible.

It Increases Productivity

Managers who follow through are modeling responsibility for their employees.  If employees see that you regularly keep your promises and stay true to your word, they will also be motivated to do the same.  Conversely, managers who don’t keep their word can decrease productivity because if you aren’t keeping your word then employees might feel like they don’t have to either.  Managers set the tone for the rest of their team and if they want to boost productivity, they need to do everything they can to follow through with their promises.

It Improves Employee Satisfaction

Nothing is more frustrating for an employee than working for a manager who doesn’t have their back.  Employees rely on their managers for many things because managers are the ones who are making the big decisions that affect them.  If a manager makes promises that they don’t keep, their employees will feel like they don’t matter much to you or the company.  This can have a significant on their perspective and the way they view their role.  In contrast, managers who do follow through with their promises are likely to improve employee satisfaction.  Happy employees lead to productive employees so following through is beneficial for the company as a whole in the long run.