How to Show Leadership Outside of My Position as a Manager

While the role of a manager includes planning, organizing, staffing, and leading their team, the job description shouldn’t stop there.  Great managers also strive to be role models that inspire the people who work for him or her.  This means they exhibit leadership and excellence outside of their position as manager.  Here are a few ways managers can demonstrate leadership in ways beyond their daily managerial tasks.

Present a Positive Attitude

There is no place in a manager’s job description that mentions coming to work with a smile, but managers who showcase positivity are likely to instill that same quality in their employees.  It takes a true leader to demonstrate a sense of calm, strength, and perseverance when times are tough, but this positivity will inspire others to overcome obstacles in the workplace.  People want to be around someone who is happy and positive and this helps to create a more cohesive work environment.

Be Trustworthy

Managers are there to make sure a job gets done, but a manager can also be a role model when they are trustworthy.  Employees are more likely to work harder and respect a manager who follows through with promises and demonstrates trust in the workplace.  Employees appreciate a manager who is honest and true to their word.

Exhibit Integrity

A great manager strives to make decisions that are beneficial for the company as a whole, and not just him or herself.  When managers show that they genuinely care about the business and the people who work there, this is the mark of integrity.  This means taking an interest in employees and viewing them as people rather than just a commodity.  This also means taking the time to give credit where credit is due and accepting responsibility if you messed up.  Great leaders exhibit integrity and are likely to be respected by their employees and their peers.

Lead by Example

If you lead by example in a responsible way, your employees will follow suit.  A good leader motivates their team rather than criticizing and micromanaging them.  A good leader also continues to see ways to improve and better themselves.  If your employees see that you are dedicated and furthering your own education in the business, they will want to do the same.  When a manager refuses to act superior to their employees and sees him or herself as an equal, employees will respond with a motivation to work hard to please their manager.