7 Ways for Managers to Encourage Positivity in the Workplace

A positive work environment drives and excites employees and it results in their maximum contribution. Companies that have a positive work culture have happier employees and experience less turnover than companies with a high stress work environment. When we think about how much time we actually spend at work, it becomes more and more apparent that the way we treat others in the workplace greatly impacts their performance and well-being. Research has shown that positive work environments lead to more engaged employees, healthier work relationships, and improved productivity. Here are 7 ways managers can encourage more positivity in the workplace. 


Show Gratitude

A simple “thank you” can go a long way in making your employees feel valued and appreciated. When you notice your employees going above and beyond, be conscious of showing your gratitude. Gratitude helps build trust, respect, adn mutual appreciation among peers. It could be something as simple as verbal praise, a thankful email, or even a small reward but it’s important to show gratitude to your employees. 


Model Positive Behavior

As a manager, it is your job to lead your team by setting a good example. If you want your employees to be positive and kind to one another you must demonstrate that behavior yourself. As the old saying goes, “If you’re going to talk the talk you better walk the walk.” Your employees will look to you for guidance as to what kinds of behaviors are acceptable, so be sure and set a positive example. 


Use Positive Communication

Remember that words are powerful and you can make a big impact by what you say. Positive messaging means communicating in a constructive way that motivates and encourages your team. Your communication with employees should be personal, encouraging, passionate, and empowering. Positive communication will always make more of an impact. 


Foster Healthy Relationships

Healthy work relationships are essential for a positive work environment. Find ways to connect with your colleagues by smiling, asking about their families, offering support and advice for work-related projects, treating them with respect, and being understanding of personal needs. 


Encourage Teamwork and Collaboration

Managers should encourage teamwork along with open and honest communication. This is vital to creating a positive work environment. Managers need to take the time to provide and welcome feedback on how employees are interacting with one another. Furthermore, they should look for opportunities to provide social interaction such as coffee mornings, team lunches, family picnics, and team building activities. This gives employees an opportunity to build meaningful relationships with their colleagues. 


Promote a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Another way to encourage positivity in the workplace is to encourage a healthy work-life balance. Working too much can be draining and can leave employees feeling burnt out. In an effort to avoid this and keep employees motivated and engaged, give employees a reasonable workload and hire more workers if needed. You also want to encourage employees to take time off when needed and make use of their vacation time. 


Provide Employee Recognition

Employee recognition is a simple concept that can increase motivation and engagement. It could be something as simple as recognizing the employee during the next team meeting, giving them an award, or posting a certificate of recognition in the breakroom. There are plenty of ways to recognize employees and both managers and colleagues should foster a work environment where everyone feels valued.