How to Find Your Management Style and Make it Work for You

As you prepare to step into your management role, you might be thinking about how you plan to go about doing your job. You might think back to past managers and reflect on which ones were great and which were not so great. Each of your managers probably had certain flaws and strengths that shaped your opinion of them. Understanding the characteristics of different types of managers can help you to build your own leadership style. That’s why it can be helpful to look at different types of management styles to see which ones work best with your personality to help you get the most out of your job. Here are a few questions to ask yourself in order to determine which type of management style best suits your personality.


How do you get the most out of your team?

If you are the type of person that feels it’s best to tell people exactly what you expect then you might be more of a Commanding manager. Conversely, if you prefer to show people what you expect, you might be more of a Pace Setter. Commanding managers tend to require compliance to get the job done while Pace Setters set high expectations for employees and encourage them to follow their lead. 


What is the best way to show your team what you expect?

If you feel its best to work closely with your team and allow them to come up with solutions then you might be considered a Democratic manager. Democratic managers include everyone in the decision-making process and seek their employees’ opinions before making a final decision. If you are a leader who sees employees as untapped potential, you might have more of a Coaching style. A coaching leader works with employees individually and provides them with a little direction to help them see what they are capable of. 


What is your goal as a manager?

If you are focused on the bigger picture and sharing your vision with your team you might be more of a Visionary leader. Visionary leaders are confident and engaging and they help employees see where the company is headed and what needs to be done to get there. If your goal is to build trusting relationships with your team members, you might be an Affiliative manager. Affiliative managers strive to connect with team members and form strong collaborative relationships to help motivate their team. 


In order to decide which management style best suits you, you first need to understand them all. You also need to be aware of your own personality and which leadership skills you possess. Familiarize yourself with which leadership styles work best in which situations. Finally, practice various leadership behaviors until you find the one that feels most comfortable.