Become A Stand-Out Manager With Top Management Skills

Are you just starting out as a manager? Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Then place your energy into learning these top management skills; listening, influencing and presenting. These three valuable skills will help you in your first job and they will carry you throughout your career too. Let’s take a closer look at the skills that can make you a stand out manager.

There’s nothing worse than being talked over, or feeling that your counterpart is just waiting for you to stop talking so they can spew their ideas (without really listening to yours). Inexperienced managers might be tempted to talk a lot as a way of demonstrating their knowledge, however this strategy can easily backfire. Instead, take the time to listen to your employees, colleagues and clients. Practice reflection, paraphrasing and deep listening so you can learn what’s important to your counterpart. By taking the time to listen you will undoubtedly be able to contribute more thoughtful comments that actually improve the situation.

Do you ever need to get employees on board with a new corporate direction? Want to sway a client towards a certain action? Then brush up on your influence skills. defines influence as “the capacity or power of persons or things to be a compelling force on or produce effects on the actions, behavior, opinions, etc., of others”. As a manager you will have multiple opportunities to be a compelling force on the behavior of others. By taking a training course on Influence, such as Influencing For Professional Results™, you will learn influence principles that can be applied to any situation, large or small. Or read up on Influence books to learn how to start playing with these valuable management skills in day to day activities. By practicing in low stakes conversations you can sharpen these skills for when it really counts.

Do you cringe when you have to stand up and speak to your Executive Team? Do you every get blank stares from your staff when you are talking to them as a group? It could be that your presentation skills need some polish. Learn how your facial expression may be detracting from your words, or how your body language may include bad habits. More than 80% of professionals in our presentation training sessions have at least one distracting habit such as rocking, swaying, or fidgeting when they present. By investing time in a traditional presentation training course you can learn both the Do’s and the Don’ts when it comes to public speaking.

By recognizing the importance of these top three skills then taking time to get proper training you can start developing your prowess early on. Listening, Influencing and Presenting will not only help you in your first job, but will assist you in climbing the corporate ladder and taking new positions down the road. Consider getting management training such as our Management Essentials course to improve your ability to develop these three skills. Note that the skills also transfer well from industry to industry making you more valuable than you could have imagined. So to sum it up, we conclude that sharpening these skills early in your career helps you leverage your capabilities right from the start. And that makes you a Stand-Out Manager.