These Signs Show Someone is Ready to Be a Manager

When it comes to hiring a manager, the stakes are high.  You need someone who is ambitious, determined, skilled, organized, and can effectively lead people.  Oftentimes, this person needs to be able to come in and take a hold of the ropes day one.  The success of the team depends largely on the manager, so it is important to make the right hire.   How can you tell if a potential hire is really ready for a managerial role?  This is such a big decision and you want to be certain you have chosen the right person for the job.  Look for the following signs to determine whether or not a candidate is fit for a management position.

They Volunteer for Leadership Roles

There is no question that a good manager must also be a strong leader.  Therefore, if you have an employee who steps up when it comes time to lead projects, it is a good sign that this person might be ready for management.  Their willingness to go above and beyond their basic duties and take the reins shows that they are motivated and ready to lead a team of their own.

They Deliver Results

Sure, it is important to have a manager who is organized and well-rounded but if they don’t deliver results they will never be successful in management.  If you have an employee who consistently meets or exceeds their goals, you are likely to notice this person.  Nothing speaks louder than actions, and a good sign that someone is ready for management is when they have the ability to make something happen.

They Are Comfortable Handling Conflict

Management comes with some tough tasks, and one of those is dealing with conflict.  It is inevitable that there will be conflict in the workplace and when an employee knows how to effectively handle these situations, this is a sign they might be ready for management.  A good leader understands that there are times when tough decisions have to be made and this will certainly earn the respect and trust of their colleagues.

They Are Motivated

You can’t possible lead a team to success if you don’t really care about the success of the team.  In order to be a good manager, it takes someone who believes in the company and truly wants to contribute to its success.  When you have an employee who is driven to succeed, this is a great sign that they will motivate others to feel the same way.  They are more likely to have a positive influence on their peers when they actually get excited about the work they do.

They Care About the Success of Others

Great managers look beyond their own successes.  They take a genuine interest in the success of their employees.  If an employee gets a lot of satisfaction out of watching others learn and succeed, this is a sign that they might be a great leader.  Great leaders understand the importance of engaging others in order to be a cohesive and productive unit.  When you look out for others and try to help them meet their goals, this is the sign of a true leader.

These are just a few skills and personality traits to look for when deciding whether or not a candidate is ready for management.  If you have an employee who possesses many of these qualities, chances are they might make a great manager.  You should also talk with them about their aspirations and ask them how they define management to get an even better idea of where they stand.  Choosing the right manager is of upmost importance, so look for these skills when making your decision.