Show Your Boss You’ve Got Management Skills

You are a go-getter and consider yourself to be a great leader.  You have a few years under your belt and have put in your fair share of time, sweat, and tears.  You want to make a difference at your company, so when a management position opens up you know you are the right person for the job. The question is how do you show your manager that you have the right management skills and are ready for a promotion? Here are a few suggestions of what you should do to prove you are ready for management and to get your boss on board with helping you climb the corporate ladder.

Volunteer to Lead

An important trait in good leaders is the ability to take charge and rise to the occasion.  The best way to prove you are a responsible leader is to step up during a challenge and volunteer to lead the project.  In the midst of showcasing your leadership skills, you will also be working with your peers and proving that you are team-oriented as well.  This is an impressive quality and a terrific approach if you are looking to demonstrate management skills and get noticed by your boss.

Be a Problem Solver

Good managers don’t wait until they are told what to do.  As soon as they notice a problem, they are proactive in searching for ways to solve it.  The next time you experience a problem, don’t just tell your boss about it.  Instead, think strategically about how you can solve it and tell your boss what you plan to do about it.  If you feel like there are ways to improve the team and work more efficiently, try testing those solutions and be ready to present them.  You will be making strides for the company while proving to your boss that you have the management skills needed to improve the entire department’s operations.

Take on More Responsibility

One of the best ways to show that you are ready for the next step is to take on small management roles within the department.   You can do this by leading team projects, asking if you can help train new hires, helping with any managerial tasks, and offering to step in when your boss is out of the office.   As you show your eager spirit and follow through with good results, you will prove that you are committed to the team and you are willing to do whatever is needed to get things done.

Focus on Results

In order to be a successful manager you have to be able to drive results.  Nothing speaks louder than positive results.  If you are trying to prove your management skills, you must be able to consistently show that you have what it takes to deliver and close on the business deals.

Make Yourself Known

Demonstrating managerial skills is important, but so is demonstrating it to the right people. You need to impress the right people, so make sure the decision makers know who you are.  This is why it is important to get familiar with all of the top executives at your company.  Make it a point to casually chat with these managers at corporate events, so that when your supervisor recommends you for a job they already know who you are.

Make it Clear That You Want to Advance

You should definitely be open with your manager about your ambitions.  Let it be known that you are eager to grow at the company and share your aspirations with them.  If your manager is aware of your goals, they can help you achieve them.  Ask your manager for feedback and be willing to have discussions about your strengths and weaknesses.

Proving to your boss that you are management material is all about your attitude and your willingness to go above and beyond your basic job description. To make sure you are getting noticed, try these helpful tips for landing the management position you have always wanted.