The Importance of Group Training for New Managers

Effective training is necessary for the growth and development of new managers and the investment in such training will reap huge benefits for companies. Managers are the ones responsible for leading teams and bridging the gap between directors and team members. Therefore, it is important that they have the skills and knowledge needed to perform their jobs well. While they may have picked up a wealth of experience in their careers, they can still benefit from training that improves their leadership and management skills. Here we will take a look at why group training is so important and how it can impact the success of a business. 

Why Group Train New Managers? The Benefits for Business

1. Improved Communication

One of the most important skills for managers is communication. It is essential for any manager to be able to get their message across clearly and effectively. It is also important for managers to understand that people communicate in different ways and a manager who can communicate with staff on different levels is more likely to have increased productivity and team morale. Unlike traditional training courses with a single instructor, group training allows for communication exercises with various types of people. 

2. Opportunities for Role Play

Traditional training courses are often led by a single instructor and tend to be more of a “one and done” event. The manager is then sent back into their role and expected to implement what they learned. Unfortunately this can often have unsuccessful results. Training in this type of environment tends to be more passive, with limited opportunities to interact and role play. In a group training environment, however, trainees get a chance to practice the skills they are taught by working with others in their group. It is a more effective way to gain practical experience. 

3. Mentorship and Coaching

One of the best ways to ensure success when training manages is to pair them up with a dedicated coach or mentor. These mentors can be present with the managers onsite in order to help them develop their skills in a real-life setting. Likewise, the relationship between the mentor and manager continues far beyond the initial training session, with continuous help and feedback on a regular basis. 

Group coaching allows for a dynamic learning environment that builds important leadership skills through practice, interaction, and accountability. It gives managers the opportunity to implement what they have learned in training and share their challenges and successes with others. 


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